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Capital Air Academy



Flying a helicopter is a skill that requires precision and training.

At the Capital Air Academy, we offer thousands of hours of actual flight-time experience and hands-on instruction at affordable rates. 

Pilots trained at our academy develop sought-after skills, with a focus on putting them on a path to work anywhere in the world. We also provide advanced helicopter training to discerning pilots looking to improve their skills. 

The Capital Air Academy operates out of a modern office, complete with several ground school briefing rooms for pre-flight briefings and lectures. 

We also offer an array of specialised training equipment and study programmes, including: 

  • Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Training
  • Night and Instrument Training
  • Instructor Training
  • Single Turbine Type Training
  • Twin Turbine Type Training
  • Culling Training
  • Game Capture Training
  • Mountain Orientation Training
  • Long Lining Training
  • Cargo Sling Ratings